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body in motion. real. strong. dancer. inamorata.

Inamorata  noun

in·​amo·​ra·​ta | \ i-ˌna-mə-ˈrä-tə \

: a woman with whom one is in love

“Each  doll  should  have  a  soul.   When  you  gaze  into  her  eyes,  she  looks  back  at  you.”

Fresh. Inclusive. Options. Infinite Possibilities. Real women. Strong bodies. Curves.

With an emphasis on the dancer's hard-earned body, incredibly flexible due to the extra joints, and options to make this doll truly yours (from feet, to hands, to chests, to heads, to even if you want insert-able or classic painted eyes...). Isn't it time to make your doll?

AW Collection

Inamorata features.

Inamorata 3.0 - Flex
Inamorata 3.0 seperates
Inamorata 3.0: Accessories

about  the  artist.

Emilia Nieminen is a Finnish doll artist living in Tokyo, Japan. She is the maker of hand sculpted Inamorata dolls and original emiliacouture doll fashions. She started collecting and repainting dolls in 2006 and the hobby soon gained a life of its own. In 2009 she won the international "Couture Doll Design Challenge'' contest for designing doll fashions and got her first two features in American doll magazines. The hobby turned into a career in 2010 when she began developing her own doll. In 2012 the first Inamorata doll was unveiled at the IDEX doll convention and the doll was awarded DOLLS magazine Award of Excellence in 2013. Since then Emilia has dedicated her life for creating spirited dolls full of personality, and is especially known for representing beauty in diversity. She finds inspiration living in Asia, studying the beauty ideals of different cultures and eras, is intrigued by ageing and everything that makes us unique and special.

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