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I am so sorry, but I have some bad news. I have to postpone the preorder and I don't know for how long. Hopefully we can launch in a week or two. Fingers crossed.

So, the issue is that the package that I shipped to the caster weeks ago still hasn't arrived. It contains the prototypes of 5 head sculpts: Zen, Lorelei, Akech, Nsia and Sura; all the shoes and the 2 neck parts I was tweaking. The problem with hand sculpted dolls is that they are unique. Every time I ship the prototype it is the only one of its kind. There are no save points. Can't reprint it.

The package shipped via international express 3 weeks ago, but it got stuck at Shanghai customs. It's there waiting to be processed, but there is "some congestion". If you have read the news about Shanghai lock-down, it's easy to understand why nothing is moving. The package is not lost but until the lock-down is lifted the customs will function at lowered capacity.

I have talked to my caster and agonised over the decision of whether or not I should delay the preorder until the package arrives. I do not want to take your money without knowing when the dolls will be ready. So to be fair, I decided to delay the preorder until my precious prototypes arrive safely to the caster. I hope you understand and think this is the right decision to make. It is the only part of this chaos I can control, and the safest and most honest course of action I can think of under the circumstances.

I will let you know as soon as the package arrives and set up the preorder sale couple days from that so you'll have a bit of advance warning. Or do you prefer the preorder to be the next Saturday from the package's arrival? Let me know.

Please be patience and try not to die out of stress (like me).





Read more about the doll, measurements, sculpts, etc.

The preorder WAS SUPPOSED to take place on 7th of May


  • 5 PM Saturday 7th May, in New York, USA

  • 2 PM Saturday 7th May, in San Francisco, USA

  • 10 PM Saturday 7th May, in London, UK

  • 11 PM Saturday 7th May, in Paris, France.

  • 6 AM Sunday 8st May, Japan

PREORDER WILL BE OPEN FOR 48H or until all the 40 dolls have been sold.

*Aluel, Inamorata Akech OOAK with hyper realistic painting in Milk resin.


This preorder is be EXTREMELY LIMITED with only 40 dolls in Milk, Latte, Caramel and Coffee skin tones, 10 dolls each. Both blank and OOAK dolls can be ordered (add painting service as a separate item if you want an OOAK). This limited quantity means that, with 9 different head sculpts and 4 bust types, most dolls cast will be only one of their sculpt in this resin colour. You can also order extra hands, feet and heads, but note that there will be no additional stock later. Everything is made to order.

*The art bust in marble white resin for displaying extra heads is in stock ready to ship now and hence not part of the preorder.


  • Blank dolls will be 920usd (and 50usd more for dark resin: Caramel and Coffee)

  • OOAKs will start at 1220usd (painting fee 300usd added to a blank doll as a separate item)

  • Extra heads when sold separately 150usd

  • Art bust for displaying heads 150usd (Marble white in stock)

  • Hands/gloves/feet 100 per pair (compatible with previous generations) (Classic painting +30usd, Hyper Realistic painting +50usd)

  • Shoes are available resin parts, painted (solid colour +30usd) or made into proper shoes by covering them with silk, leather, etc. (contact me for details)

*Carmen, Inamorata Elizabeth OOAK in Milk resin.


  • One Inamorata 4.1 doll (with choice of head and bust size)

  • high heel feet (extra feet can be bought separately)

  • one pair of ballet hands (extra hands can be bought separately)

  • dressing paddles for navigating tight sleeves

  • blank exchangeable or filler eyes (eyes are blank, unless you add the "painting add-on service/OOAK", which is added separately to your shopping cart, or if you buy additional eyes you can choose painted of blank from their own drop down menu.)

Customise by choosing:

If you want to commission a OOAK doll, choose the "painting add-on" (found under "Doll Painting Services/OOAK" in the store) and add it to your cart. After purchasing, contact me to give me all the details! If you want hyper realistic blushing or a portrait doll, please use the drop down menu to select these add-ons.


The casting will take 3-5 months, but please allow about a month extra due to the global shipping and customs being slowed down by the pandemic. I will send a newsletter as soon as the dolls arrive, then I'll need a week or two for quality control and hand finishes before shipping. The blank items will ship ASAP. If you order painted/OOAK items your item will go to the commission waiting list based on the order of completed payments. Coffee resin items will take priority in painting as they cannot be UV sealed during the winter cold. Thank you for your patience. Art takes time.


As usual, there will be a 50% non refundable deposit and different payment options for the remainder. The OOAK commission list will be in the order of completed payments (although I will prioritise painting the dark resin dolls first as they will become harder to paint as the weather cools down making the UV sealant turn milky)

  • One time full payment (priority in OOAK queue)

  • 50:50 - deposit and 50% when the doll is ready to ship. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY50

  • 3 month layaway - deposit and monthly payments for 3 months. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY3

  • 6 month layaway - deposit and monthly payments for 6 months. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY6

Note that layaway is only available when ordering a whole doll or minimum order of 900usd (shoes, heads, etc).


The shopping cart is set for 70usd per doll box for Japan Post EMS. However, due to pandemic shipping is still limited to some countries so please check the service availability by country at the Japan Post website (situation may change in the 3 to 5 months it takes to cast). FedEx and Yamato are an alternative (UPS and DHL are too overprices in Japan), but accurate shipping costs are charged by FedEx after the delivery, so the extra shipping costs will be billed to your Paypal afterwards. I am unable to ship to Russia.

If you order a doll and want to add shoes or other extras to the order later, use USE COUPON CODE "COMBOSHIP" or "BUNDLE" to get free shipping

*Izara, Inamorata Akech OOAK with tribal paint in Chocolate resin.


More deserving of the 4.1 status are the 2 head sculpts: Lorelei and Zen. Lorelei has been hanging out with me eating too much chocolate, and we both put on some weight. I think the resulting softer look suits her very well. While watching Euphoria I fell in love with Zendaya and just had to sculpt a doll inspired by her. The result is Zen, the 9th head sculpt option available in this preorder. Remember that even though the full doll casting is limited to 30 dolls (10 per resin tone) you can still get extra heads for your dolls. The art bust will also be available if you want to display your doll heads in classical art style. I really look forward to painting these two!

The current 4th generation of Inamorata bodies are mostly the same for 4.0 and 4.1 casting rounds. There is a tiny tweak on the the neck joint. So, in the 1st sample of 4.0 the neck was very swan-like, "over long" I thought, so I shortened it for more realistic proportions for the 4.0 Milk and Chocolate casting last Autumn. However, I got feedback from some saying it was now too short, so I made a compromise between the swan and realistic versions. We are talking a millimetre or two here, not even visible in the photos, but I still want to spell it out for full transparency.


I sculpted even more new heels, flats and stilts for Inamorata. I photographed all the shoes before shipping the hand sculpted models to the caster, and you can read more about them here. The shoes will be available as blank resin parts, painted or you can buy the blanks and contact me for a quote to make proper shoes by covering the resin parts with leather or silk.

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