Inamorata 4.0 Bust Sizes

Sculpting the the Inamorata prototype has kept me sane while being stuck at home during the pandemic. One of the additions I was requested was a new "Epic" bust size.

At first I was completely against the idea, until I realised that the real reason for my adverse reaction was body shame for my own huge cup size. To me they are hindrance and call for a lot of unwanted attention while living in Asia. I hadn't even noticed how my view had changed over the years. It was unhealthy and hypocritical of me to preach beauty in diversity and not give representation to large bust size. So as an act of therapy and self-love I sculpted a naturally hanging heavy bust to add to the selection. And it did me feel more beautiful myself. I am actually eager to create dolls with this new bust and design clothes for a classic hourglass figure!

I've been pondering how to name the bust sizes, now that the Inamorata 4.0 line up has 3 options. I decide to keep it simple and call them S, M and L. However, I feel like I should clarify the naming of them through the generations, as what is now M used to be called the Large bust and Busty, and was the original Inamorata bust size before the addition of the others.


4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 Reference

S Small Andro x Fit's FR16 tops

M Large Busty Original |

L x x x Fit's vintage Sybarite tops

The image below is a crude snapshot for the caster, but I thought I'd share it to illustrate the size difference. Ignore the pencil markings on the nipples. They are there to remind the caster to protect the new textural detail I added to the areola.

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