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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The preorder for a LIMITED EDITION art book INAMORATA - BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY starts this Sunday and will stay open for a week, or until 80 books have been sold out (I'm keeping 20 as gifts to my family and friends). LAUNCH TIME IN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES: 5 PM Saturday 2nd of December in New York, USA 2 PM Saturday 2nd of December in San Francisco, USA 10 PM Saturday 2nd of December, in London, UK 11 PM Saturday 2nd of December, in Paris, France. 6 AM Sunday 3rd of December, Japan

INAMORATA - BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY celebrates the 10th anniversary on Inamorata dolls and the eventful journey that lead to here. The art book will be a limited edition of 100, A4 size with 216 pages properly bound as hardcover with gold foil title on the cover and spine. The book will include a gift set of three A4 sized art posters. The volume comes in its own protective shipping box. You can See a video of the book sample on Instagram:

The book is already in print, but the custom shipping boxes will still take a couple of weeks to complete. Hence, the book won't sadly be able to make it to you by Christmas, but if you want to give it to someone as a present, I have made a print you can download and fold into a gift card. If you want to send the book to a gift address that is different from your billing address, please write the name, address (including country) and phone number of the gift recipient into the text field or send it to me in reply to the order confirmation email.

You may choose a UNSIGNED (LE40) for 150usd or PERSONALLY SIGNED (LE40) version of the book for 200usd. If you choose the latter, you may specify in the text field of the order page the name of the person the book is to be dedicated to.


This is almost 2kg book and the shipping costs are large part of the price (SHIPPING INCLUDED). I am selling the book at cost as a thank you for all the support this community has given me over the past 10 years. I will try to be kind to the environment and send a larger box of books to a shipping buddy in USA, who has kindly promised to forward the individual books locally. First patch of unsigned books will ship directly from the printing house in China. The rest will be sent to me in Japan and I'll ship the individually after signing them (the signed books cost more because of the extra shipping to Japan and customs fees). Likely shipping date is sometime in January, but please be patient in case customs causes delays.

Note that, due to the war in Ukraine, I am unable to ship to Russia or Ukraine. Check service by country at the Japan Post website to double check availability.

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1 Comment

Marie Gillette
Marie Gillette
Dec 02, 2023

Will the book be available on your website?



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