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Inamorata 2.0 in Comparison to Other 16″ Dolls

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

(Please note, we are currently on Inamorata version 3.0. However, some people may find this article informational. You can compare my 2.0 to the current 3.0 by clicking here.)

One of the most frequently asked questions is which doll fashions, wigs and shoes and Inamorata share with the other dolls in your collection. Inamorata are more petite than most fashion dolls and you can learn more about size comparison and sharing different wardrobe pieces below.


da vinci


Here is a comparison of body size and joint poseability between Inamorata 2.0 and a first generation Popovy doll. Inamorata and Popovy heads are same size, bodies are very similar scale, although rather differently shaped, but Popovy has much larger feet. Inamorata feet are similar size to 16″ fashions dolls and can share shoes with Sybarites, Numina and others.


The comparison photo below features Inro, Inamorata 1.0 body, third from the right, in comparison with other similar size dolls. The Inamorata 2.0 is a bit taller, close to Numina. The closest size match is Deva doll (and Kingdon Dolls) The photo is used with permission of the photographer Liane Laughlin.


The Inamorata dolls can share fashions with other 16″ fashion dolls. They are a bit more petite than most, especially in the shoulders, even though the height of the Inamorata 2.0 is similar to Numina dolls. Tops are easy to share, but Inamorata ladies have quite a bit of booty. I was surprised to see how well old generation Sybarite trousers fit Inamorata. Another surprise comes from Fashion Royalty Homme. They are 6th scale male dolls and naturally their t-shirts become crop tops and sleeves short, but if you want a nice boyfriend shirt, just roll up the sleeves and get that sexy just-out-of-bed look!

Inamorata Vatiter (left) wearing Sybarite Testament outfit pieces and shoes are from Sybarite Slipper.

Inamorata Gamut (Right) wearing Sybarite Rock It outfit and shoes with Numina belt.


Inamorata dolls can also share shoes with other 16″ fashion dolls (Popovy feet are much larger) but their feet have a higher arch than most dolls. Inamorata toes are also sculpted with big toes separate from others so that they can also wear sandals with between toes straps. Another surprise comes from Fashion Royalty Homme: if you want flat shoes many 6th scale Homme and action figure shoes fit.


The wig size in head circumference is 4,5-5″ (13cm) for traditional soft cap wigs. 4,5 is a very nice tight fit and I recommend getting your Inamorata with flock hair if you prefer traditional wigs. The flock will help keep the wigs in place. Size 5 is loose so you should wear those with a silicone wig cap to pad them up a bit. For soft netting wigs Monique wigs have nice variety of styles.

I recommend hard cap wigs by fellow artists such as PattaArt and Ilaria (Time of Doll), who take commissions for OOAK wigs in Inamorata size (I’ve sent them heads they can use for fitting). Custom made hard cap wigs just have a more natural fit and hairline than traditional soft net wigs. Inamorata can share wigs from other brands as well. Popovy, Ficon, Deva and ModsDoll are the right size to share. Numina, Sybarite and mBlueDoll wigs are too large for my ladies.

Popovy Bluejay wearing wigs made for Inamorata. All a perfect fit with tight hairline.


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