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Inamorata shoes can be bought as raw resin parts, starting from 50usd, ready to wear or for DIY projects. You can also custom order a OOAK pair painted, lacquered, gilded, beaded, sequined, covered in fabric, embellished with flowers or metal spikes, gleaming with buckles…   Price depends on the labour intensity of the project. Please use ORDER FORM 2 to order. See the different existing heel types and fit for other dolls besides Inamorata below. You can also commission a new heel sculpt or OOAK style hand sculpted just for you.


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Classic Stiletto heels flaunt a super exaggerated arch that is straight out of 50’s pin up art.  They have a steel pin inserted into the heel to support the thin structure and the resin cups the heel and covers the toes with a pointy tips. They are available as raw resin parts (50usd) matching the 5 skin tones (Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee) or as customised OOAKs starting from 80usd.


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Tengu Geta heels are an extreme platform sandals inspired by Japanese single tooth geta sandals. I originally designed these hoof like shoes for Popovy dolls with ballet feet sculpt and not the sculpt has been fitted for Inamorata and other 16″ dolls. Tengu Geta platforms are available in two resin tones: Opaque Black and Translucent Milk. The platforms start at 80usd as ready to wear resin parts or custom made shoes from 100usd.

I originally designer the Tengu Geta for Popovy ballet feet and can still take orders for these hand cast shoes. These have a longer waiting period and higher price since they are 100% handmade.



Tengu Geta platforms are easily adjusted to most dolls, but the Stilettos are more like Cinderella’s glass slipper. I tried them on all the 16″ dolls in my collection:

  1. Inamorata 2.0 (loose fit with space designed for an lining and insole)

  2. Inamorata 1.0 (tight fit as the arch of the foot has changed, no room for lining or thicker insole)

  3. Sybarite (old body, Raja, tight fit like Inamorata 1.0)

  4. ModDoll (Nyx, tight fit)

  5. Numina (doesn’t fit )

  6. Ficon (doesn’t fit )

  7. mBlueDoll (doesn’t fit )

  8. Popovy feet are too large for these shoes (but since Tengu Geta were originally designed for the Popovy Ballet feet I can still hand cast them in that size, but for different price).


I also have some old heels for Inamorata 1.0 made in 2012-2013 in stock. The Inamorata arch has changed slightly and become higher over the years, but they still fit with slight padding adjusted to the insole. They can also be fitted for other 16″ dolls (except Popovy since they have larger feet).

  1. Chinese Lacquer heels – Processed and painted black with golden inlay in the carved landscape details. High gloss lacquer finish. No left and right foot difference. 80usd per pair.

  2. Art Nouveau Snake heels –  Processed and painted black with high gloss lacquer finish. No left and right foot difference. 50usd per pair.

  3. Dragon Spine heels – Just the high heel, no shoe so easy to use with any 16″ doll.  No left and right foot difference. Processed and comes painted in one of the following colours 15usd per pair:

  4. Matte black

  5. Matte yellow

  6. Metallic orange

  7. Metallic burgundy

  8. Antique gold

Here are examples of the shoes made using these heels:

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Also check out the miniature buckles and ribbons for shoes making!

P.S. I would love if you post links in the comments section below to show your creations using these heels. Its always a treat to inspire others to create!:)

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