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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the dolls I’ve created in their new homes. You can email me via if you’d like to submit your photos to be featured in this gallery. Please also join the Inamorata community and share your photos at the In Adoration of Inamorata Dolls group on Facebook.


The first photographer featured is amazing Kim London whose gorgeous photos have been published in Fashion Doll Quarterly and other doll magazines. The doll in these photos is Inamorata Lupita, an original OOAK Busty Charo sculpt in Coffee resin I made on 2017.

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I’m excited to showcase my super talented friend Cholo Ayuyao aka Cho:lo, and his photos of Inamorata. He is both a repaint artist as well as an exquisite fashion and jewellery designer. The doll he painted here is the Inamorata Nnaji 1.0. and fashions are from his past collections.

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Vanessa aka NessaCollects on Instagram is a doll collector and professional photographer, and her skills are clearly visible in her awesome doll photography. Her dolls Naiobi (OOAK) and edgy Midori painted by @angstypenguin live a life of fashion models.

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Uriah aka Rob Redden has been my friend and supporter for as long as I’ve been a doll collector. We met in the Fashion Royalty W Club on 2007 and he always encouraged me to make my dream of my own doll line come true. His gallery below features Inamorata Gamut and the first ever Inamorata ever made: Mirrorball.

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Adrian Bertrand aka Adry is another old doll collecting friend. I made a charity doll, Petrographié Grés, to a New York Metro Dolls event he was organizing on 2003. His photos have been published in many doll magazines and for a good reason. I adore his photography, styling and cool editing effects. He also made an epic diorama for his OOAK Inamorata Danai.

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Mel Parker-Reeves is one of those collectors who has a very distinct personal style and the queen of mix & match styling (which is my favourite kind of play with dolls)! I’ve always adored her photography and the fierce outfits she puts together for her models. She is the happy owner of the Nnaji that was repainted by Cho:lo for his Ethni:City collection. She also recently acquired Nyah from the Inamorata Vitiligo collection.

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“Alice in Wonderland xoxo” on Instagram is a collector with a wonderfully eclectic collection of art dolls. She adopted Nala from Inamorata Vitiligo collection and is giving the fierce little lady a lot of love! I love her use of backdrops and lighting. It’s always makes me happy to know my dolls are in a good home.

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