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Extra Hands & Gloves

Extra Hands & Gloves

Inamorata doll comes with a pair of ballet hand and dressing paddles to navigate tight sleeves. If you want different poses or want to byu new more detailed replacement hands or GLOVES for your earlier Inamorata, you choose from the selection of 4 pairs of hands, driving gloves or full gloves. 


Note: These hands work with all previous generation Inamorata and most hook mechanism 16" resin BJDs. So if you need replacement hands for your other dolls you can buy the hands separately.



  • Hand Sculpt (4 pairs)
    • Ballet (standard, comes with doll but you might need a replacement pair)
    • Grabby hands (for holding objects from the makeup and gun accessory set)

    • Long nailed (elegant and spidery claws for those who enjoy super long nails)

    • Signing hands  are not available this time (the prototype was broken in casting).

  • Gloves (2 pairs)
    • Driving gloves (sexy textured gloves with bared fingers and knuckles)

    • Full gloves (textured gloves perfect for making long opera gloves, contact me for OOAK gloves in silk, leather, etc.) Now with new sculpt with sculpted edge of the glove visible to be also worn as is without long sleeves. Contact me for a quote if you want opera gloves.


Resin Shade (Choice of 5)

  • Ice (translucent resin with frosty white hue)

  • Milk (super pale with a cold pinkish hue of fresh skimmed milk)

  • Latte (pale warm hue of honey glazed almonds or milk tea)

  • Caramel (toasty tan with a warm honey glow of salt water taffy)

  • Chocolate (warm mid tone brown of delicious milk chocolate)

  • Coffee (richly deep brown of freshly coffee toasted beans)


Painting Options: 

  • Blank
  • Classic (+$30)
  • Hyper-Realistic with veins (+$50)
  • Opera gloves (+70usd)



If you have a pre-existing order (like a doll in the waiting list) and want to add extras that ship together with it, you can get free shipping by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout.

    PriceFrom 100,00$
    Resin Shade


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