Wonderfully creepy wet sculpted leather masks  from the All Hallow's Eve collection for Inamorata and other dolls with similar size heads. 


Gas masks and plague doctor masks are the accessory for 2020! These are hand sculpted from leather and hence all OOAK (I would not be able to make exact copies as I don't have mold for them, just shape the leather by hand and tools), but I can make customs orders for similar ones, with and without the metal ornaments in any colour.  I have made one of each mask but have limited materials to make maximum 3 pieces of each per order.


And even when Halloween is over, remember to stay safe by wearing a well fitted Haute Couture cloth mask, black lace matching the lingerie collection, lined with white cotton to protect you from both droplets and aerosols.  I have made one of each but have materials to make maximum 3 pieces of each.


1) Plague Doctor mask: leather, black with brass ornaments and gold buckles. 250usd

2) Plague Doctor mask: leather,  burnished natural colour with brass ornaments and gold buckles.  250usd

3) Gas mask: leather, burnished natural colour with brass ornaments and gold buckles. 195usd

4) Muzzle: leather, black with gold ornaments and buckles. 50 usd

5) Cloth mask with straps: black lace with white silk lining, gold buckles. 65usd

6) Cloth mask with ear elastics: black lace with white silk lining, elastic ear straps. 35usd


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All Hallow's Eve - Masks

Mask style

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