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This hard cover art book celebrating the 10th anniversary on Inamorata dolls  is a limited edition of 100 and includes a gift set of three A4 sized art posters. The A4 sized 216 page volume has gold foil title on the cover and spine. It comes in its own protective shipping box. 



Note that sadly most of the book covers were damage in packing by the printing house. The inner pages are perfect, but the display aspect of this beautiful coffee table book was affected. I sent out all the pristine books for the preorder customers, so the ones left have scuffs, dents and glue stains on the front and back covers. I have lowered the price to compensate for the poor condition of the covers (also note the preorder price had global shipping costs included). Please take this into consideration before ordering and scroll through all the photos to see the images of some of the damaged cover so that you can make an informed decision before ordering. 


You may choose a UNSIGNED or PERSONALLY SIGNED versions of the book. If you choose the latter, you may specify in the text field the name of the person the book is to be dedicated to.


Via Japan Post EMS

Note that, due to the war in Ukraine, I am unable to ship to Russia. Check service by country at the Japan Post website to double check availability.





"Dear Emilia, I wanted to write and tell you I kept my promise and waited until today to go through the book and I'm so glad I did. I'm struggling to find words for what you put out. When you were putting this together, I was thinking this would be a book solely about pictures of the dolls and maybe some references on what inspired them. Instead, you turned out something I don't think I've ever seen short of an autobiography. There were pages in here where I nearly cried because of how much I could relate. The length and breadth of your journey to date from your own personal and mental health to the extreme struggles to bring your creations to the actual "life" in each creation is beyond words. Truly. I read each and every word and the dolls covered are just magnificent for thousands of reasons. I was really touched by the two twins and the idea of not being truly broken. The meaning behind each doll. The beauty in all the wonderful diversity. The imperfect being perfect. I chose to go through this alone and read some passages out loud to Bryan as the minute I sat down and opened the book, I said, "No, this is a personal experience." My dearest Emilia, you did it! You created something that is truly the most personal experience for those of us that wander in the same world you inhabit. Not everyone understands what that means and that's okay. Your book makes me feel connected to something through you. Perhaps it's as you say that we are just vessels but if so, then the vessels we are can channel incredible things and make others feel something beautiful. You did that by sharing yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this together!"

                                                                 - Laura



"The book arrived today…and I am totally blown away by it! I only have had time so far to quickly look through the entire book, and it’s so stunningly beautiful! I can’t wait to go through it slowly and read everything. I really wish I had been around in your earlier years, but I’m thrilled to at least have this beautiful record of it. It really hit me more than ever seeing them all together in the book…that your dolls are such an incredibly high art form. So many people make dolls, but yours are so many levels above. I am so lucky to have a few of them! Thank you so much for the book…and for including me in it. I was also so incredibly touched by the acknowledgments at the end. It brought tears to my eyes.  And by the way, all of YOUR photography is so stunning! I will treasure this book always. "





    PriceFrom 60,00$


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