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*This listing is for information purposes only.


  • Inamorata dolls are available during super limited preorders (~30 dolls) once a year. The 2023 was in April and the next one will be in April or March 2024.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get notifified when the next preorder comes around.
  • If you want to commission a OOAK doll, buy a blank doll and add "OOAK painting service" into your cart as a separate item. 
  • There is a 50% deposit when ordering a doll.
  • Layaway payment plans are available. 



  • One Inamorata doll (with choice of skin tone, head and bust sculpt)
  • high heel feet (extra feet sculpts can be bought separately)
  • one pair of ballet hands (extra hand and glove sculpts can be bought separately)
  • dressing paddles for navigating tight sleeves
  • shipping bubble feet to protect tiny toes
  • blank exchangable eyes (painted with OOAK dolls or you can buy eyes painting service.)


Head Sculpt (12 choices) 

  • Harper (Inspired by Hunter Schafer) - new
  • Nora (Mature sculpt inspired by Gillian Andersson) -new

  • Zen-Smirk (Zen with a charming asymmetrical smile) - new sculpt

  • Zen-Blasé (Blasé young sculpt inspired by Zendaya ) - updated

  • Lorelei (Inspired by smiling Marilyn Monroe) - updated

  • Elizabeth (Inspired by beautifully aged Cate Blanchett) - updated

  • Akech (Grumpy young African sculpt with many origins) - updated

  • Sura (Versatile sculpt with many origins) - updated

  • Shani (Inspired by Natalie Portman) - updated

  • Alita (Inspired by Lara Stone and Sofia Boutella) - updated

  • Nsia (Serene sculpt inspired by Indya Moore) - updated sculpt
  • Chie (Asian sculpt with too many origins to list) - updated


Resin Shade (Choice of 7)

  • Ice (translucent resin with frosty white hue)

  • Milk (super pale with a cold pinkish hue of fresh skimmed milk)

  • Latte (pale warm hue of honey glazed almonds or milk tea)

  • Caramel (toasty tan with a warm honey glow of salt water taffy)

  • Chocolate (warm mid tone brown of delicious milk chocolate)

  • Coffee (richly deep brown of freshly coffee toasted beans)

  • Charcoal (pure black)

  • Mint (light greyish mint green)



  • Realistic size iris 2mm
  • Cartonish 3mm iris


Bust Options (4 options) :

  • S size: small bust with 3 neck joints for those who like articulation.
  • M size: medium bust with 3 neck joints for those who like articulation.
  • Beauty Bust: M size bust with solid neck, for those want sculptural beauty.
  • L size: very generous bust with 3 neck joints for those who like articulation.


Note:  This listing exists for information only. Inamorata are rare art dolls and cast to order only once or twice a year in super limited quantaties (limited to 20-30 dolls each time). Please subscribe to the newsletter to learn when the next preorder will be held.


    When preordering or commissioning a OOAK doll there is a 50% non-refundable deposit.  This is used to cover casting and material costs. The remainder is due when the doll is ready to ship, or as a layaway plan if you want to pay in monthly instalments via Paypal invoice.


    • Buy it now: Full payment at website during a preorder. The blank doll will ship as soon as it arrives from the caster. OOAK doll will get priority in the painting queue.
    • 50-50: The non refundable preorder deposit is 50% of your total order. (Enter the code "LAYAWAY50" at checkout). The remainder is due when the dolls is ready to ship. 
    • Layaway 3 months: The preorder deposit  50% paid at preorder and remainder paid in 3 montly instalments. (Enter the code "LAYAWAY3" at checkout)  Your doll will ship as soon as you have paid/when ready. OOAKs go to a waiting list.
    • Layaway 6 months: The preorder deposit 50% paid at preorder and remainder paid in 6 montly instalments. (Enter the code "LAYAWAY6" at checkout) Your doll will ship as soon as you have paid/when ready. OOAKs go to a waiting list.

    Note that in a preorder, the waiting list for the OOAK dolls is in order of payment, so dolls with a layaway plan take longer to paint.



    The shopping cart is set for 70usd per doll box for Japan Post EMS which now works to most most countries. However, due to coronavirus pandemic shipping is still difficult to many countries. I am unable to ship to Russia. So please check the service availability by country at the Japan Post website. FedEx and Yamato are an alternative, but accurate shipping costs are charged by FedEx after delivery, so the extra shipping costs will be billed to your Paypal afterwards.

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