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Miniature Buckles

Miniature Buckles

Functional metal buckles in doll scale!

I could not find small and delicate enough buckles so I had them laser cut out of thin metal.


Use coupon code "BUCKLES" to get free shipping on this item (shipped as letter via airmail).

*Note that there are shipping limitations to some countries due to the pandemic and Russian war.



The size of these buckles works well with 2-3mm silk ribbons (1/16-3/32 inch), or 2-1.5mm straps cut out of thicker or harder materials like leather. 



The buckles are sold in sheets of 30 pieces (price is per sheet and in usd), in either gold or silver, and you can cut them off with clippers or scissors. Some of the silver buckles in storage have oxidized, so if a more battered look suits you I added the colour Patina Silver to the options.

  • Shipping Policy

    The sheets of buckles will ship as a letter. Notice that delivery times can be heavily influenced by the pandemic, so please be patient.

  • Returns & Damaged Shipment Policy

    Returns: There are no returns.


    Damaged Shipment Policy: Please open you package as soon as you receive it and photograph any damage, including packaging, for your local the post office insurance claim. Do not throw away any of the packaging.


    Contact me via with your contact info, tracking number and photos of damaged items.


    US Post confiscates and destroys all damaged items given to them, so don't give them OOAKs that might be repairable!


    If there is a manufacturing flaw I will fix it. If your dolls takes a fall I fill try to get replacement parts to sell you and restore her.



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