Oxford Stiletto

Oxford Stiletto

Oxford Stilettos, now available in custom colours! These hand crafted shoes are a variation of the Classic Stiletto heel resin base and are customised with wet sculpted cowhide wingtips and different styles of perforation pattern decorations.  *Note that this item is made to order and might take some time to ship. 


The original ox blood version debuted in the Tartan collection and is LE10, but due to popular demand the style is not available in different colours. The photos show a Latte variation with bare resin and natural leather. Just add the colour you desire into the text field when you order. The custom colours are an open edition item made to order.


In addition to the colour you can choose the decorative detail level:

  •  Non perforated, plain wingtip 
  • Oxford style perforated wingtip with central cross motif

    You can get free shipping if your order ships together with your preorder doll. Use coupon code "BUNDLE".


    This is an open edition piece (max LE10 as materials will run out) and made to order, so allow some time for the handmade time to be made.


    If you buy  small items that can fit into an envelope, such as fashions or accessories,  these may be possible to ship as a letter. Notice that delivery times can be heavily influenced by the pandemic, so please be patient.

Perforation style


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