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Wave - Shoes for High Heel Feet

Wave - Shoes for High Heel Feet

Wave for High Heel feet - clear resin  (contact me for OOAK shoes)

Platform sandal inspired by Hokusai ukiyo-e, and a revival of my design for Sybarite dolls from 2011.  Meant as a base for making complete shoes by adding insoles, straps, etc.


I made the "Hokusai" (now Wave) heel for Sybarite dolls on 2011 (see Yaobikuni ad Mother Earth) ad it predates Inamorata entirely. I modified the arch to fit Inamorata, but kept the details of the original design. The iconic shape is inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's famous ukiyo-e The Great Wave, made in the Edo period.


*Some photos are of a hand sculpted prototype  and of examples of different shoes I have made. These are presented for inspiration only. The basic item is unpainted clear resin. Please contact me via for a quote if you want to commission OOAK shoes.


*Leaf gold/silver/alloy treatment costs extra and is much more fragile than painted metallic effects. Note that the glue used in leaf gilding techniques is not meant to be handled and can rub off over time. It is better for careful display rather than photoshoots and posing.



If you have a pre-existing order (like a doll in the waiting list) and want to add extras that ship together with it, you can get free shipping by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout.


    You can get free shipping if your order ships together with your preorder doll. Use coupon code "BUNDLE".


    Each pair of these shoes are OOAK and I guarantee that there will be no others painted in the same colour.

PriceFrom 70,00$


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