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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

What currency do you use?


How can I get one of your dolls?

Inamorata dolls can be bought blank, as ready made dolls for sale in the shop or commissioned. If you want to order a bespoken doll of your own please read the commission info.

Do you offer layaways?

Yes. I usually offer 3 month layaway plans for ready-to-buy dolls. For commissions there is a 50% deposit, but the final payment can be broken into smaller installations for example over 6 months time. You can specify that you would like a layaway payment plan when you use the order forms to order your doll. You can see the layaway options in the the shop next to each items description. Enter the layaway code of LAYAWAY3 or LAYAWAY6 at checkout (need help? click here.). The remainder is due in monthly instalments and your doll will ship as soon as you have paid. OOAKs go to a waiting list which is around 6 months.

What are the measurements of Inamorata doll?

What do I get when I buy an Inamorata doll?

When you buy a blank doll, you get a factory cast articulated art doll, fully sanded (no seams), factory strung (looser) with a full set of hands (6 expressive hands and 2 dressing hands) and pierced ears.Buying a OOAK doll, the joints are coated with hot glue and the doll is restrung tighter by Emilia to improve poseability.  The doll is hand painted and UV coated. Wigs, garments and accessories depend on the doll.

The doll I wanted is sold. Can you make another one?

It is a matter of honour for me not to make copies of my own or anyone else’s work. I guarantee that the One-Of-A-Kind artwork I make will remain unique. You can commission a similar concept item that clearly has a personality of its own, for example another doll with vitiligo patterns as long as they are clearly different from the original.

My doll came with 8 different hands. How do I change them?

It’s pretty simple when you get the hang of it. 🙂 Here is a video tutorial to help.

What size wigs should I get for my Inamorata?

The wig size in head circumference is 4,5-5″ (12cm) for traditional soft cap wigs. I recommend hard cap wigs because they have a more natural fit and hairline than traditional soft net wigs. Inamorata can share wigs from other similar size brands, like Popovy, as well. Read the full article about size and sharing here. I make hard cap wigs for sale and by order. You can find a video where I show different Inamorata dolls on a Popovy doll on YouTube.

Can Inamorata share fashions/shoes with other 16″ dolls?

Yes. Inamorata can share with many similar size dolls. Read the full article about it here.

I got my Inamorata doll and it poses very differently from other dolls. How do I pose it?

Every doll design in a compromise between aesthetics and poseability. Some like solid sculptures and some robotic joints that allow extortionist levels of movement. Inamorata is designed with lingerie in mind, so most torso joints can be hidden by skimpiest of underwear. However, most Inamorata joints are not slitted ball joints like traditional BJD have, but odd shapes with fisheye shaped holes, and hidden joints, that are designed to perform a certain task with minimum visible mechanics. To learn all the tips and tricks watch this video.

Why is your waiting list so long?

Everything I make is OOAK, hand made and designed especially for the project at hand. It’s slow and labour intensive work of love. My sewing techniques mainly utilize haute couture hand stitching on a mannequin so a single garment may take a weeks and even months to create. Painting a doll usually takes a week as each face up and body blushing consists of dozens of layers that need to dry well between layers.

Can I skip the waiting line?

Generally it’s first come first served, but I often juggle multiple projects. Smaller projects and similar tasks to on going ones, like painting a nude doll, are easier to squeeze into the time waiting for the paint to dry. Before starting on a commission I contact the next person in line to ask if the time is convenient for them and if it’s not the project gets postponed and bumps up the rest of the queue.

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