I have the most wonderful news! The lost prototype package has been found and I have been able to secure a casting appointment for the September-October. That means the next preorder will be sometime in early August, so mark your calendar for it! You'll have some time to save up for it. I've made a reservation for 30 dolls and the resin options will be Latte, Caramel and Coffee. The shoes will also be available then.

I cannot even express how relieved I am to get these precious hand made prototypes back. I was so sad thinking the 5 heads were lost, but now Zen, Akech, Nsia, Sura and Lorelei are back! I am especially eager to paint the new Zendaya inspired Zen sculpt and the improved Lorelei inspired by Marilyn Monroe!

Other recovered items include the crucially important neck parts for S, M and L busts, as well as all of the Inamorata shoes (11 pairs, many of which are completely new designs.

Thank you so much for all who supported me during this ordeal and kept my spirits up by telling the package would be found eventually. It finally was. Thank you. Love you guys!

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