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INAMORATA 4.1 PREORDER (August 6th 2022)!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

  1. The May preorder dolls are ready and the caster is shipping them to me this week!

  2. A new collection of OOAK dolls and wigs will also launch at the shop this weekend, so you can snatch up wigs for your Inamorata from either casting patch and get free shipping!

  3. The new Inamorata preorder is this Saturday, the 6th of August.


Caster just told me that the casting for May preorder for 20 Beauty Bust dolls in Milk and Latte resin is ready to ship this week! I also ordered 10 pairs of each of the 11 new Inamorata shoe sculpts, so these will be available at the store from this Saturday.

You can get free shipping with an existing doll order by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout.


Saturday will also be a launch date for the URBAN AFRO collection of wigs and OOAK dolls in edgy and fun editorial street style. This wig collection of black and deep blue wigs will be available at the store from this Saturday. The dolls have an option of 3.0 athletic bodies or you can upgrade them to 4.1 in the preorder.

You can get free shipping with an existing doll order by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout.


The long awaited Inamorata preorder for complete set of 9 head sculpts and with all the neck jointed busts in Latte, Caramel and Coffee resin. The preorder will be on Saturday the 6th of August. The casting will start in September and take 2-3 months (please allow extra month of buffer time for the dolls to arrive from the caster to me in Japan and few weeks for me to do a quality check).


  • 5 PM Saturday 6th of August, in New York, USA

  • 2 PM Saturday 6th of August, in San Francisco, USA

  • 10 PM Saturday 6th of August, in London, UK

  • 11 PM Saturday 6th of August, in Paris, France.

  • 6 AM Sunday 7th of August, Japan

PREORDER WILL BE OPEN FOR 48H or until all the 30 dolls have been sold.

This is an extremely limited patch of dolls with most dolls cast being only permutation of their head and bust sculpt in each resin tone, so most of the sculpture will be only one of it's kind. Each doll has a Certificate of Authenticity, an 8 digit authentication code and a unique seal inside their head to prove they are real Inamorata. Purple seal is for blank sculptures and gold seal for the OOAK dolls I have painted myself.


  • Blank dolls will be 920usd

  • OOAKs will start at 1220usd (painting fee 300usd added to a blank doll as a separate item)

  • Extra heads when sold separately 150usd

  • Art bust for displaying heads 150usd (Marble white in stock)

  • Hands/gloves/feet 100 per pair (compatible with previous generations) (Classic painting +30usd, Hyper Realistic painting +50usd)

All the extra hands, gloves, feet and art bust will also be available separately in the 3 resin tones (Latte, Caramel and Coffee), if you want to buy upgrades for your older dolls.


As usual, there will be a 50% non refundable deposit and different payment options for the remainder. The OOAK commission list will be in the order of completed payments (although I will prioritise painting the dark resin dolls first as they will become harder to paint as the weather cools down making the UV sealant turn milky)

  • One time full payment (priority in OOAK queue)

  • 50:50 - deposit and 50% when the doll is ready to ship. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY50

  • 3 month layaway - deposit and monthly payments for 3 months. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY3

  • 6 month layaway - deposit and monthly payments for 6 months. USE COUPON CODE LAYAWAY6

*Note that layaway is only available when ordering a whole doll.

PLEASE WAIT TO GET YOUR INVOICE FOR THE REMAINDER, instead of sending me money directly on Paypal. Please use the invoice for each instalment or it does not register as part of the layaway plan. It really messes up my accounting.

Inamorata head sculpts:

Inamorata resin options:

In August preorder the options are: Latte, Caramel and Coffee resin. The ice resin will not be available this time around but is an option next year!

The Inamorata shoes will also be available for sale during the preorder period, but I have actually already ordered 10 pairs of each of the 11 designs, so they are ready to ship with the dolls from May preorder, or can wait to ship together with your August preorder doll. Of course the shoes can ship separately as well, but please check the Japan Post service availability, because the pandemic and war are limiting services to come countries. Courier mail is an option, but can be expensive just for shoes.

Thank you so much for all your love and support!

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