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Inamorata 4.0 Feet and Shoes Unveiled

Great news! My prototype has arrived safely to the caster! I am so relieved. You won't believe how nerve wrecking it is to send it out each time. With hand sculpted work there are no save points. The one sculpture represents months if not years of hard work and if it were to be lost... I can't even think about it. But it's safe and the first sample is in the making. Excited!

To celebrate I want to share an update about the Inamorata 4.0 feet and shoes. There are still 3 feet options: High Heeled, Ballet Pointe and Flats. I added some detail to the feet and made some new shoes.

In the previous generation, ballet feet and pointe shoes were proving to be rather limiting, because most ballet poses require flat feet as well and I didn’t have a matching shoe for it. So I made new flat ballet shoes to solve this. I also resculpted the pointe shoes to have more detail: wrinkles, stiching, crosshatched sole and logo. My 3.0 pointe shoes were designed to be a base to cover with silk, but many people wanted to use them as is. Now they'll be perfect and matching the skin tone of your doll.

I resurrected some high heels from long long ago. I created the "Chinese Lacquer" landscape heels for Inamorata Inro on and Aimant 2013. The "Hokusai" heel I made for Sybarite dolls on 2011 (see Yaobikuni ad Mother Earth) predates Inamorata entirely. I tweaked both sculpts to fit the slightly higher arch on current Inamorata dolls.

Everyone’s favourite classic stiletto heel is still here, but with an edgier look. I improved the fit and gave it sharper corners and more detail in the arch of the heel. The basic flats got a similar update.

Would you like to see more shoes in the Inamorata selection? What kind?

Do you prefer blank resin parts to customise or shoes finished with silk and leather?

Please let me know! I am always itching to sculpt more shoes!

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