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I just finished the Inamorata 4.0 prototype! I've been sculpting little improvements, and some bigger changes into the Inamorata body during the past year. It's been a tough 1,5 years. We've lost loved ones and given up so much that made our daily lives meaningful. Yet, I feel lucky to have survived and making it here to Tokyo to be with my beloved, when the travel restrictions nearly had me stuck in Finland in March 2020. It's been a time of grief, introspection, frustrations and constant reminders to myself that I should remain grateful.

I hand sculpted three completely new heads: grumpy little Akech, mature beauty Elizabeth and iconic bombshell Lorelei, bringing the lineup to 8 different face sculpts. As always, the existing heads have also got a make over, so each tiny casting run means these sculpts are extremely limited: often only 1 head per skin tone ever cast.

I'll be keeping the old sculpt names from 3.0 generation for clarity even though they have evolved. I softened the overall look a bit and gave the faces more emotional expression.

I gave Chie the much requested closed lips. Nsia took up meditation during the pandemic and has a serene Mona Lisa smile. Alita became sad for all the lives lost. Sura and Shani were the most popular sculpts of the 3.0 generation, so I changed them the least. They are merely a bit softer for eating too many snacks in the past year.

There is also a range of new additions such as, new bust size, 2 pairs of gloves hands, new shoes, and a poseable bust for displaying extra heads as art works. I'll post more about these later.

For more photos check out my Flickr.

I'm sending the prototype to the caster for a sample making, and hopefully in the Autumn I can open the preorders. So excited! This casting has been on hold since February 2020, and after Japan Post office suspended international mail for 16 months, being able to ship again gives me hope this pandemic might finally be ending. Can't wait to get the samples and do the first painting tests on the new sculpts!

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