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Inamorata 4.0/4.1 Head Sculpts

Updated: Jun 17, 2022


The current 4th generation of Inamorata has 9 sculpts:

  • Nsia (Serene sculpt inspired by Indya Moore) updated

  • Alita (Inspired by Lara Stone and Sofia Boutella) updated

  • Sura (Versatile sculpt with many origins) updated

  • Chie (Asian sculpt with too many origins to list) updated

  • Shani (Inspired by Natalie Portman) updated

  • Lorelei (Inspired by smiling Marilyn Monroe) new

  • Elizabeth (Inspired by beautifully aged Cate Blanchett) new

  • Akech (Grumpy young African sculpt with many origins) new

  • Zen (Blasé young sculpt inspired by Zendaya in Euphoria) new


For Inamorata 4th generation, I hand sculpted 4 completely new heads: blasé Zen, inspired by Zendaya, grumpy little Akech, mature beauty Elizabeth and bombshell Lorelei, channelling iconic Marilyn Monroe. The new sculpts brought the total lineup to 9 different face sculpts. As always, the older heads also got a make over, so each tiny casting run means these sculpts are extremely limited: often only 1 head per skin tone ever cast.

I'll be keeping the old sculpt names from 3.0 generation for clarity even though they have evolved. I softened the overall look a bit and gave the faces more emotional expression.

I gave Chie the much requested closed lips. Nsia took up meditation during the pandemic and has a serene Mona Lisa smile. Alita became sad for all the lives lost. Sura and Shani were the most popular sculpts of the 3.0 generation, so I changed them the least. They are merely a bit softer for eating too many snacks in the past year. For more photos check out my Flickr.

Lorelei Head Sculpt (evolution in 3 stages)

This is the 3rd version of Lorelei sculpt. Inspired by Popovy Dolls having narrowed eyes, that can be sculpted open to give more versatility of expression, I touched up Lorelei's eyes. With smaller eyes she can serve that iconic sleepy eyed Marilyn Monroe look or I can sculpt the eyes open per request. I also added some softness as I felt I sculpted the previous versions too peaky. The nose is just a hint bigger to reflect the shape of the nose changing when we smile and I don't think I had taken that into count in the earlier version.

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