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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

UPDATE 9th of September 2022

The shoes have arrived from the caster and passed the quality inspection!

There was a delay as the cast shoes failed the quality inspection check earlier and many replacements had to be cast. However, they are now here in Japan and have passed my inspection with flying colours. Especially the stilettos are amazingly beautiful! The heels are taller and narrower than ever! I ordered few extra pairs of all the shoe sculpts, so if you did not have a chance to grab some at the August preorder now is a time to do it! All shoes are available as resin parts for customisation or you can commission me to make them into proper shoes with silk, leather, straps, buckles, etc.

These photos are of "grey models", the hand sculpted prototypes used for making the casting moulds. The shoes are available for customisation as unpainted resin (colour depends on the design) or as ready made OOAK shoes that are painted, covered in silk, leather or turned to sandals with straps and buckles. Please contact me via for a quote if you want to commission a pair.

  • Wave - Platform sandal inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's ukiyo-e The Great Wave. I originally sculpted these for Sybarites on 2009 and now they are updated for Inamorata.

  • Qing - Platform sandal with a landscape carving inspired by Qing Dynasty lacquer furniture, revival from 2013 Inro.

  • Heelless - Square tip heelless sandal, new design that caresses the sensuously high arch of the foot.

  • Stiletto - Classic pin-up heel, inspired by John Willy, is back with an edgier look. Improved the fit, sharper corners and more detail in the arch of the heel.

  • Victorian - Low spool heel base for antique high top lace up boots from "We Are All Mad Here" collection 2021.

  • Ballet slipper - These have flat and ballet feet versions to allow ballet accurate posing. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

  • Stilts - A surrealistic take on pointe shoes inspired by Masaya Kushino. New design.

  • Squared - Mules with square tip, rectangular heels and super high arch. New design.

  • Ballet slipper - These have flat and ballet feet versions to allow ballet accurate posing. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

  • Trainers - Bulky and shorty dancing shoe soles to add to ballet flats in order to create sneakers for perfect athleisure. *Sold as a set of ballet flats and soles.

  • Classic Flats - Simple flats with cut off pointy tip. Perfect base for boots, oxford shoes, etc.

Examples of shoes I've made in the past using these base sculpts:

(Available and ready to ship. Super limited.)

Tengu Geta Platform Heels are an extreme platform sandals inspired by Japanese single tooth geta sandals. I originally designed these hoof like shoes for Popovy dolls with ballet feet sculpt and adjusted the sculpt has been fit for Inamorata and other 16″ dolls on 2017. Tengu Geta blank sandal base parts are available as raw parts (straight from the mould, unsanded) in two resin tones: Opaque Black and Milk, or as finished shoes (contact me for details).

Art Nouveau Snake heels – One of the earliest Inamorata heel sculpts. There were used for LE dolls Cherub and Seraph, and OOAK dolls in Petrographié collection on 2013. The design has two snakes coiling from the heels and slithering down the platform. There are oly 4 pairs left of these vintage heels parts so I will only sell them as complete OOAK shoes.

Dragon Spine Heels Another vintage design from 2013. Bone spiked high heel easy to attach to shoes or directly to the dolls heels, so easy to use with any 16″ doll. No left and right foot difference. The base parts are painted in one of the following colours:

  • Matte black

  • Matte yellow

  • Metallic orange

  • Metallic burgundy

  • Antique gold

Examples of the shoes made using these heels:

If you like making your own doll shoes, I also sell fully functional laser cut metal miniature buckles I designer for Inamorata! They come in sheets on 30pc in gold, silver or tarnished silver.

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