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What changed from Inamorata 4.0 1st sample

Before the preorder starts I want to write an article about what I changed after seeing the first sample. Most changes are things you don't see, tweaking joint movement etc. However, there are 3 things that do affect the way the doll looks and for sake of transparency I want to explain them to you, so you can order fully informed. :)

1) Neck Update

The neck on the first sample ended up super long. Swan like necks are beautiful, but the Inamorata aesthetic is more athletic and realistic, so I decided to shorten it back to the usual length. The difference is maybe 3mm, but it still makes a difference to my perfectionist (OCD) eye.

2) New Solid M bust

For those of your who who prefer sculpture over poseability, I sculpted a bust reminiscent of the 1st and 2nd generation Inamorata, except for more sculptural details (like textured areola and visible vertebra). The shoulder movement will be slightly restricted in comparison to the jointed busts. Less expression, but pure beauty. Hope you like it.

3) Lorelei Head Sculpt Update

Inspired by Popovy Dolls having narrow eyes that can be sculpted open to give more versatility of expression, I touched up Lorelei's eyes. With smaller eyes she can serve that sleepy Marilyn Monroe look or I can sculpt the eyes open per request. I also added some laugh lines to make her smile reach her eye more authentically. The nose is just a hint bigger as the shape of the nose changes when we smile and I don't think I had taken that into count in the first version.

The PREORDER will start on Wednesday, but I am asking people what time and timezone would serve most. Please message me to give your input on the matter. Your feedback is is really valuable every step of the way!

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