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Extra Pair of Exchangeable Eyes

Extra Pair of Exchangeable Eyes

One pair of eyes is already included in your doll, but you can buy extra pairs to change their eye colour.  


The exchangable eyes are available as white resin blanks for DIY or you can commission painted to any colour you want. Just choose the option you prefer from the dropdown menu.



Blank dolls come with one pair blank eyes and OOAK painting service includes the painting of the eyes. If you bought a blank doll and want to upgrade her to have painted eyes, use this painting service instead. 


Exchangable eyes allow you to change the colour and iris size of the eyes, as well as direct the doll's gaze using stems to connect with the camera from all angles. Inamorata eyeballs are 10mm size and have option of 2mm and 3mm iris. The concave textures iris can be painted to look very realistic, the lens reflects light and brings the doll to life. 


Contact me for details for your custom painted eyes.  I hand paint each pair, so you can request any colour. Feel free to send me inspiration photos of a specific look you want and I will try to miniturise them the best I can, but there are limits to how much textural detail can go into an object 2-3mm in size.


It's possible to paint outside the iris too, for example to add redness or veins to the white of the eye to give an impression of tearing up. For Inamorata Smoke I painted the whites of the eyes grey to make the lighter grey iris seem to glow in contrast).



  • Iris Size
    • 2mm - Realistic iris size, showing more sclera.
    • 3mm - More cartoonish, softer, cuter look with a larger iris.
  • Painting Option: 
    • Resin Blanks/DIY
    • Custom hand painted to you specifications (+$30)



If you have a pre-existing order (like a doll in the waiting list) and want to add extras that ship together with it, you can get free shipping by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout.



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