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Hand Made Custom Eyes - Painting Service

Hand Made Custom Eyes - Painting Service

If you ordered a blank doll but want to upgrade her blank eyes into painted ones, this service is for you. Note that  each head comes with it's own pair and if you have selected OOAK painting service, it already includes the painting of the eyes. If you want to buy extra eyes to change the eye colours of you doll, you can do it here. This is just the painting service.


Write the iris size and colour of the eyes in the CUSTOM TEXT field when you order. 

2mm iris size is more realistic, 3mm more cartoon/doll like. 


I make all the eyes per order by hand so you can request any colour. Feel free to send me inspiration photos of a specific look you want and I will try to miniturise them the best I can, but there are limits to how much detail can go into an object 2-3mm in size.


It's possible to paint outside the iris too, for example to add redness or veins to the white of the eye to give an impression of tearing up. For Inamorata Smoke I painted the whites of the eyes grey to make the lighter grey iris seem to glow in comparison).



If you have a pre-existing order (like a doll in the waiting list) and want to add extras that ship together with it, you can get free shipping by using the "COMBOSHIP" code at checkout. (Sorry I cannot do partial refunds if you forget to use it).



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