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Inamorata 4.1 Shoes

With the new INAMORATA 4.1 PREORDER ON 7TH OF MAY including the long awaited shoes - and quite a few new designs - I thought I'd write an article to showcase all the shoes.

*I also updated the article "Inamorata in a Nutshell" that has the doll measurements, sculpt and resin options, etc.

3 foot sculpts for Inamorata:

  • Flats: Relaxed feet for standing barefoot and doing yoga.

  • High Heel (standard): high arch feet for wearing all those painfully high heels.

  • Ballet: callused feet for standing en pointe, showing all the strain, beauty and agony of ballet.

Shoes for High Heel foot

  • Qing: Platform sandal inspired by Qing Dynasty lacquer furniture, revival from 2013.

  • Wave: Platform sandal inspired by Hokusai ukiyo-e, revival of my design for Sybarite dolls from 2011.

  • Heelless: square heelless sandal, new design.

  • Stiletto: classic pin-up heel inspired by John Willy, refreshed design with more detail.

  • Victorian: Low heel I sculpted for the We Are All Mad Here collection, base for antique high top lace up boots.

Shoes for Ballet foot

  • Stilts: surrealistic take on pointe shoes inspired by Masaya Kushino, although my version has a more exaggerated silhouette. New design.

  • Squared: mules with a softened square tip, rectangular heels and super high arch. New design.

  • Ballet slipper: These have flat and ballet feet versions. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

Shoes for Flat foot

  • Ballet slipper: These have flat and ballet feet versions. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

  • Trainers: Bulky dancing shoe soles to add to ballet flats to make sneakers.

  • Flats: Classic base for customisation.

  • What kind of shoes would you like for flat feet?

More info on some shoes

I resurrected some high heels from long long ago. I created the "Chinese Lacquer" (now named Qing) landscape heels for Inamorata Inro on and Aimant 2013. I tweaked the sculpt to fit the slightly higher arch on current Inamorata dolls, but kept the imperfections and charm of the clearly hand sculpted detail. They are inspired by Chinese antique lacquer furniture of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). When I was still in university in Finland, I had a part time job managing an art and antiques gallery full of Qing dynasty treasures. I fell in love with the gold painted landscapes of the vibrant red or black cabinet doors.

I made the "Hokusai" (now Wave) heel for Sybarite dolls on 2011 (see Yaobikuni ad Mother Earth) ad it predates Inamorata entirely. I modified the arch to fit Inamorata, but kept the details of the original design. The iconic shape is inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's famous ukiyo-e The Great Wave, made in the Edo period.

Everyone’s favourite classic stiletto heel, inspired by the 50's pinup girls of John Willy, is still here, but now with an edgier look. I improved the fit and gave it sharper corners and more detail in the arch of the heel. The heel itself is still needle thin (it actually has a steel needle inserted into the heel to prevent it from breaking). The basic flats received a similar update.

In the previous generation, ballet feet and pointe shoes were proving to be rather limiting for posing, because most ballet poses require flat feet as well as pointe, and I didn’t have a matching shoe for it. So I made new flat ballet shoes to solve this issue. Both ballet slippers have detail that the previous model: wrinkled "fabric" and a crosshatched sole with a logo (the "m" stands for "Em" as short for Emilia). My 3.0 pointe shoes were designed to be a mere base to cover with silk and added leather soles, but now they are ready to wear as bare resin too.

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