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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

*Note: the photo is of the 1st sample and I adjusted the last neck joint after this, making it 3mm shorter. Hence the height of the entire doll is 41.7cm.


Height: 41.7cm (16")

Shoulder to waist: 8,5 cm

Waist to groin: 5 cm

Leg (groin to toes) 21,5 cm

(groin to ankle) 19cm

Arm (shoulder to wrist): 12,5 cm

Shoulder width: 8 cm


Head: 12 cm

Neck: 6cm

Shoulders: 18,6 cm

Bust: S-bust: 16 cm

M-bust: 16,5 cm

L-bust: 19cm

Under bust: 14 cm

Waist: 12 cm

Hips: 20,5 cm

Thigh: 10,5 cm

Calf: 7 cm

Ankle: 3,5 cm


The doll's torso is slightly longer than in 3.0 generation and the thighs 5mm thicker. Not a huge difference. The athletic body type of the newer generations (3.0 and 4.0) are more muscular and bootylicious than the petite body of the 1.0 and 2.0 generations. Wigs and shoes fit the same, bras and tops should fit, but the waist, thighs and booty have grown more substantial and fill old Sybarite fashions well. You can see a measurement comparison between 3.0 and 2.0 dolls in the FAQ.


The doll is hand sculpted by me, Emilia Nieminen, and cast in super limited quantities (LE10 per resin tone) from high quality polyurethane resin. The resin was specially developed to have translucency that mimics human skin: eyelids and ears turn transparent and red against back light.


Each Inamorata through the generations has a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) but due to the increasing number of fake dolls by re-casters flooding the market, 4.0 generation of Inamorata also has an 8-digit authentication code and a wax seal inside each head cap, gold wax for the OOAK dolls I have painted myself and purple wax for the dolls I've sold blank. Read more about the authentication measures here.


The doll has 25 points of articulation including double joints in elbows and knees to allow them to bend fully, allowing the hands to touch shoulders and the doll to kneel in Japanese seiza sitting position. The hip joints have a unique design without visible slitted double ball style, but allowing the same range of movement. Inamorata have joints that differ from the main stream dolls and hence move and pose a little differently (see a video to discover all the hidden features).


The Inamorata aesthetic is fit and healthy, inspired by ballet dancers such as Misty Copeland, showing beautiful lean muscles yet staying feminine. In addition to muscle definition there is much sculptural detail in skin texture, veins, tendons and wrinkles. The silicone moulds used to cast these art dolls can only be used a few times to capture all the detail, hence the limited quantities, and higher price of the sculpture.


Inamorata 4.0 uses 10mm eys and has 3 eye options:

  • exchangeable eye with 2 mm concave textured irises, poseable.

  • exchangeable eye with 3mm concave textured irises, poseable.

  • glue in fillers for classic painted eyes (immobile, come installed and have to be glued in before painting)

Eyes are included in the doll (blank eyes with blank dolls, painted with OOAKs), but you can buy extras if you want more colour options.


You can choose between 4 bust options: S, M, L and a solid M bust (aka Beauty Bust) for those who prefer clean sculptural beauty over poseability. You can read more about the busts here.


The current 4th generation of Inamorata has 9 sculpts:

  • Nsia (Serene sculpt inspired by Indya Moore) updated

  • Alita (Inspired by Lara Stone and Sofia Boutella) updated

  • Sura (Versatile sculpt with many origins) updated

  • Chie (Asian sculpt with too many origins to list) updated

  • Shani (Inspired by Natalie Portman) updated

  • Lorelei (Inspired by smiling Marilyn Monroe) new

  • Elizabeth (Inspired by beautifully aged Cate Blanchett) new

  • Akech (Grumpy young African sculpt with many origins) new

  • Zen (Blasé young sculpt inspired by Zendaya in Euphoria) new


The resin options for Inamorata 4.0/4.1 are :

  • Milk (super pale with a cold pinkish hue of fresh skimmed milk)

  • Latte (pale warm hue of honey glazed almonds or milk tea)

  • Caramel (toasty tan with a warm honey glow of salt water taffy)

  • Chocolate (warm mid tone brown of delicious milk chocolate)

  • Coffee (richly deep brown of freshly coffee toasted beans)

Milk and Chocolate resin preorder was in October 2021 and preorder for Latte, Caramel and Coffee resin dolls will be in early May 2022.


  • High Heeled (super high arched feet straining in teetering heels)

  • Ballet feet (ballerina's feet showing all the strain of standing on pointe)

  • Flats (relaxed feet great for free posing and flat shoes)


For High Heel feet (5 sculpts)

  • Wave - Platform sandal inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's ukiyo-e The Great Wave.

  • Qing - Platform sandal inspired by Qing Dynasty lacquer furniture, revival from 2013.

  • Heelless - Square tip heelless sandal, new design that caresses the sensuously high arch of the foot.

  • Stiletto - Classic pin-up heel, inspired by John Willy, is back with an edgier look. Improved the fit, sharper corners and more detail in the arch of the heel.

  • Victorian - Low heel base for antique high top lace up boots.

For Ballet (en pointe) feet (3 sculpts)

  • Ballet slipper - These have flat and ballet feet versions to allow ballet accurate posing. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

  • Stilts - A surrealistic take on pointe shoes inspired by Masaya Kushino. New design.

  • Squared - Mules with square tip, rectangular heels and super high arch. New design.

For Flat (relaxed) feet (3 sculpts)

  • Ballet slipper - These have flat and ballet feet versions to allow ballet accurate posing. Sculpted with details like wrinkled fabric and cross hatched soles with "m" logos.

  • Trainers - Bulky and shorty dancing shoe soles to add to ballet flats in order to create sneakers for perfect athleisure. *Sold as a set of ballet flats and soles (100usd).

  • Classic Flats - Simple flats with cut off pointy tip. Perfect base for boots, oxford shoes, etc.

HANDS AND GLOVES (Hand options at shop)

  • Ballet hands (voted as the standard pair that comes with all dolls)

  • Grabby hands (for holding objects from the makeup and gun accessory set)

  • Long nailed (elegant and spidery claws for those who enjoy super long nails)

  • Signing hands (expressive hands, great at posing with a long cigarette holder)

  • Driving gloves (sexy textured gloves with bared fingers and knuckles)

  • Full gloves (textured gloves perfect for making long opera gloves)


Inamorata dolls can be bought (during preorders) as blank sculptures or painted One-Of-A-Kind dolls. To order a OOAK add the OOAK DOLL UPGRADE SERVICE item to your shopping cart in addition to the blank doll of your choice. You can choose between Classic and Hyper Realistic body blushing. Classic is 2 tone blush with UV protection sealant and regular faceup. Hyper Realistic blush depends on resin tone, so for lighter resins it means 3 tone blush with details like veins, freckles, sunburn, beauty marks etc. Whatever your heart desires. For dark resin it means lighter palms and soles to compliment the blushing of your choice. Chocolate resin looks great with darker elbows and knees. Coffee resin can be blushed warm or cold, and looks stunning when blushed with navy blue.

See the sliding gallery below to show some blushing options.

You can also add Lookalike upgrade to your OOAK if you want her to emulate the likeness of a celebrity or make a portrait doll of yourself. Note that this requires and compatible head sculpt or resculpting. Other special features include:

  • Tattoo: small one (1cm) starts at 50usd. Larger ones like full arm sleeves are 100-250usd depending on the detail. Note that it's best to avoid the joint areas.

  • Vitiligo: Celebrate beauty in diversity with vitiligo doll! Full body vitiligo painting is 100usd extra on top of hyper realistic blushing (so 200usd). If you want just a tiny bit on face and anothher small spot, it can be included in the Hyper Realistic painting fee. If you wnat vitiligo in feet the shoes can rub the paint off, so it's best to add a feet in lighter resin colour and mask the colour shift at the ankles. See the vilitigo doll portfolio.

  • Scarrification tattoos are little dots or lines made with resin under the face up.

  • Piercings: Each head has peirced earlobes, but I can drill more holes to different spots in the ears, insert in nose, lip or eyebrow piercings, or embed studs or crystals.

  • Resculpting costs depend on extensiveness of the work: small tweaks like a nose or lips start at 50usd per area, so both nose and lips would be 100usd.

  • Sculpted wrinkles give your doll unique personality and expression. Starting at 50usd.

  • Hand sculpted new head (I have a right to cast it to regular line held) starting at 500usd.

  • UV texture coating / temporary make up base. I use a sponge to coat either the face or entire doll with a layer of UV resin. This layer protects the doll from staining and allows you to use temporary makeup (I recommend water soluable pigments) and wash it off. It's also a good way to protect tattoos and body blushing. Note that it can still be scraped off, so joint areas may have scuff marks.

Contact me for a quote via

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