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Updated: May 11, 2022

This is a list of all the OOAKs I have painted over the years.

*If the bust size is not mentioned it means the head was sold separately.

Name Generation - Head sculpt - Resin tone - Bust size - Collection / Notes


Tumaini 4.0 Akech Chocolate M dressed doll

Izara 4.0 Akech Chocolate S Tribal paint

Raqiya 4.0 Nsia Chocolate M Vitiligo

Carmen 4.0 Elizabeth Milk M

Miller 4.0 Lorelei Milk M

Siouxsie 4.0 Elizabeth Milk M

Muireann 4.0 Alita Milk

Aluel 4.0 Akech Milk


Zhou 4.0 Chie Milk

Okonedo 3.0 Sura Coffee S Scarification

Lorelei Lee 4.0 Lorelei 1st sample head on 2.0 modded Busty Milk body

Irina 3.0 Chie resculpted Caramel S

Alice 3.0 Shani hybrid 2.0 Busty Milk We Are All Mad Here

Red Queen 3.0 Nsia hybrid 2.0 Busty Milk We Are All Mad Here

White Rabbit 3.0 Sura hybrid 2.0 Andro Milk We Are All Mad Here

Pink Flamingo 3.0 Chie hybrid 2.0 Busty Milk We Are All Mad Here

Nami 2.0 Midori Caramel Busty

Nisa 3.0 Nsia Chocolate M

Maggie 3.0 Chie resculpted Latte S

Naima 3.0 Shani Coffee Painted by Hendra

Jiang Yingyue 3.0 Chie Milk Painted by Hendra

Isabella 3.0 Sura Latte M

Zöe 3.0 Alita resculpted Latte S

Hippolyta 3.0 Sura Chocolate M


Elson 3.0 Alita resculpted Milk

Kintsugi light 3.0 Nsia M Milk

Kintsugi dark 3.0 Nsia M Coffee

Olga 3.0 Sura Coffee Painted by Oli Krolik

Kamene 3.0 Shani Latte Painted by Oli Krolik

Robyn 3.0 Sura Chocolate S

Shudu 3.0 Sura resculpted Chocolate M

Valentina 3.0 Shani resculpted Latte M

Nadja 3.0 Shani resculpted Latte M


Angel 3.0 Nsia Coffee M

Azile 3.0 Shani Coffee M

Zenzile 3.0 Nsia Coffee M

Sophie 3.0 Nsia Latte M

Natasha 3.0 Shani Caramel M

Chiyoko 3.0 Shani Caramel S

Indya 3.0 Nsia Caramel S

Apollonia 3.0 Sura Milk M

Onyeka 3.0 Sura Caramel S

Adelphe 3.0 Shani Latte M

Aurora 3.0 Shani Latte M

Duckie 3.0 Sura Coffee S

Valencia 3.0 Sura Caramel

Lia 3.0 Sura Caramel

Ember 2.0 Charo Busty Latte Shadownlands

Rue 2.0 Valerie Caramel Busty Freklemania

Qing 3.0 Chie Caramel M

Agatha 3.0 Alita Caramel M

Orlaithe 3.0 Shani Caramel M

Zuri 3.0 Sura Cameral S

Norma 3.0 Alita Caramel M

Aoki 2.0 Midori resculpted

Ayame 2.0 Midori Caramel Busty

Hotaru 2.0 Midori Caramel Busty

Diandra 2.0 Nnaji Caramel Busty

Ariana 2.0 Charo Caramel Busty


Winnie 2.0 Nnaji Coffee Busty vitiligo

Midas 2.0 Charo Coffee

Phelsuma 2.0 Nnaji Coffee

Ming Na 2.0 Midori Latte Andro Freklemania

Amrit 2.0 Nnaji Latte Andro Freklemania

Marie 2.0 Charo Latte Andro Freklemania

Nala 2.0 Nnaji Chocolate Busty vitiligo

Nyah 2.0 Nnaji Chocolate Busty vitiligo

Imani 2.0 Nubia Chocolate Busty vitiligo

Nina 2.0 Valerie Caramel Busty

Eddie 2.0 Charo Caramel Andro

Adia 2.0 Charo resculpted Milk Braided Albino Twins

Nuru 2.0 Nubia Milk Braided Albino Twins

Marlene Dietrich 2.0 OOAK portrait head Milk Busty

Materiel Fecal 2.0 Nnaji Milk Facial tattoo

Nyong'o 2.0 Charo Chocolate Busty

Danai 2.0 Nnaji Chocolate Busty Tribal painting

Josephine 2.0 Valerie Chocolate Busty

Sonalii 2.0 Charo Chocolate Busty Henna tattoos

Oberon 2.0 Charo Latte Busty

White Queen 2.0 Valerie Milk Busty

Nynaeve 2.0 Nnaji Caramel Busty

Jean 2.0 Nubia resculpted Caramel Busty

Ruby 2.0 Charo Caramel Busty Tattooed

Ishild 2.0 Charo Milk Busty

Faye 2.0 Midori Caramel Busty

Sinead 2.0 Valerie Latte Busty tattooed Tattooed Mirror Twins

Siofra 2.0 Valerie Latte Busty tattooed Tattooed Mirror Twins

Natalie 2.0 Valerie Latte Busty (Fran)

Nasanta 2.0 Nubia Chocolate Busty


Ashe 2.0 Valerie Caramel Andro scarred Shadownlands

Tempest 2.0 Valerie Latte

Audrey 2.0 Valerie Latte

Tina Turner 2.0 Nnaji resculpted Chocolate Busty

Harajuku Halloween 2.0 Midori Milk Andro

Fyre 2.0 Nnaji Milk Andro Shadownlands

Rahal 2.0 Nubia Coffee Andro Shadownlands

Nerine 2.0 Valerie Latte Busty

Iris 2.0 Nnaji Coffee Busty Body mod piercing laces

Debutante Valerie 2.0 Valerie Latte Busty

Memento Mori 2.0 Charo Milk Busty Dressed doll

Lupita 2.0 Charo Coffee Busty

Naoibi 2.0 Nnaji Coffee Busty

to be continued...

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